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Professional Cleaning Is Essential

Professional cleaning is essential to any business. From Health Clubs to Medical Facilities, Restaurants to Retail Stores, and Offices to Outdoor Sit Downs, our Three Tier Service Program is designed to meet your specific needs. Give your employees and customers the confidence that your environment is safe and clean.

Commercial Door Cleaning

Our Three Tier Service Program

Tier 1: The Standard Level of Excellence. From wiping down all surfaces to cleaning the floors. Your establishment will look and feel clean.


Tier 2: Disinfect. Building on the previous tier, this level uses the Electrostatic Sprayer to disinfect all areas. High to low cleaning and polishing will make your place shine.


Tier 3: The Luxury Clean. No detail is too small here. Exterior window cleaning, scum lines, and all surface detailing will leave your place luxurious.

Electrostatic Sprayer.jpeg
 Electrostatic Sprayer 

 Charged disinfectant 

 droplets actively cling 

 around equipment and 

 coat all sides. This ensures  

 everything is disinfected. 

We use hospital grade disinfectants and certified cleaners. To ensure our standard level of excellence, we provide all the equipment needed to get the job done. Save your equipment and let us take care of everything.

Our Additional Cleaning Services

Power Washing

Close up Outdoor floor cleaning with hig
 Power Washing 

 The first impression is the 

 entrance leading 

 to the front door. Win 

 everyone over before they 

 even enter   your 


Floor Buffing

The people cleaning floor with machine..
 Floor Buffing 

 Grime and debris build up 

 over time and require more 

 specialized equipment to 

 remove. The more you buff, 

 the longer your floor will 

 look new. 

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Low Section Of A Person Cleaning The Car
 Carpet & Upholstery 

 Dirty Carpets and 

 upholstery stand out. 

 Removing stains results in 

 brighter, cleaner 


Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning
 Window Washing 

 Glass is one of the most 

 expensive pieces of 

 equipment in a commercial 

 building. It is delicate, easily 

 detected when dirty, and 

 hard to keep clean. 

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