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A thought to businesses: is your cleaning company or team handling high dusting?

After working many years in the luxury fitness industry, I have come to appreciate companies that focus on the details that are generally out of site. From scum lines to grout, calcium build up to clean pipes under sinks, and from dusting under appliances to dusting the rafters overhead, there is so much that goes into cleaning a building well. I would argue that high dusting and cleaning, should be just as important as cleaning the ground for professional cleaners.

Back to my thought here, are your cleaners or cleaning company taking care of the high dusting? Here is my challenge to you, grab a notepad and survey your rafters, above any equipment over the head, and the air vents on the ceiling.

If you are able to, reach on top and run your finger across the surfaces. Is there dust? Do your vents look like this? If so, 1/3 of your building is not being properly cleaned and you are paying to clean your building. Yes, cleaning companies should primarily focus on the high movement areas, but they should not be neglecting the other areas. Once you start paying attention to these areas, you will start to notice companies and buildings that are not and some are very obvious to notice.

Good luck! If you need help cleaning, we are one call or message away!

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