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Ammonia or Ammonia-Free Window Cleaners

Issue: You need to clean your windows.

Solution: Use a window cleaner.

2nd Issue: You don't have a cleaner.

Solution: You head to the store to purchase one.

3rd Issue: Ammonia or Ammonia-Free?

Solution: Depends

So you are standing in the store looking at all the different window cleaners and am wondering which type of cleaner to purchase. Not to worry, the solution is simple and it depends on a couple reasons. Before jumping into it, ammonia in cleaning solutions is generally found in liquid form that has been heavily diluted with water. It is essentially a colorless gas that evaporate quickly and thus helps reduce streaks. So which to choose?

  1. Cleaning a car window? While there are benefits with using ammonia to reduce streaks, in cars it can be hazardous. Cars with film on the windows, such as tint or UV protection, can bubble or become discolored. After prolonged use, the film can actually come completely off. Not only this, but the ammonia can also harm the paint or trims in the car. THUS, when cleaning a car window, use ammonia-free.

  2. Cleaning a home window or mirror? As stated above, ammonia cleaners dissolve quickly and help reduce streaks. While this is good, they do run more risks than the ammonia-free cleaners, which are the standard for window and cleaning companies. While just as effective, they are safer on most windows, do not hold the harsh smell, and are easier on the surrounding surfaces. THUS, when cleaning home windows or mirrors, we advice using ammonia-free as well!

So next time you go to purchase a cleaner, the safest and most effective thing would be to avoid ammonia. Good luck on your cleaning endeavor and if you ever need help with anything, we are one call or email away!

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