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Check to see if your cleaning company is doing their job.

Before we dig deeper into the topic at hand, we first need to define what clean is. For many people, this definition is the same: free from dirt, stains, debris, etc. Where we differ, is when putting clean into practice.

Here me out: when you have company over, if you're like me, you clean the place up. I first dust off surfaces and stands, wipe down my countertops, and store everything on my tables away. I then lift everything off the floor then proceed to vacuum. Once done, I put away my gaming controllers, return all remotes to the desired storage, move the chairs back and do some finishing touches. AND boom my kitchen and living room is clean(ish).

This then begs the question, is my place really clean or is it just presentable? I would say it is only presentable and a little cleaned. This is because I didn't clean under the cushions, I didn't pull out the stove tops and deep clean, I didn't move my refrigerator and clean under it, etc. I just took care of what people would see.

If you're still following, you might be able to see where I am going with this. Is your cleaning company making your place presentable or clean? The easiest way to check is not to look under your couches or under your refrigerator, or even under the stove tops. Those might be additional services you would have to ask specifically for. Where you check is actually behind your toilet.

I challenge you, who currently have a cleaner or cleaning company, to inspect your toilet in the circled area to the right. Is it clean? If so, congrats your company or person is paying attention to the details. I'm not going to tell you to change your company if not, I just want you to be aware. There are many things like this area throughout your home or workplace that you should look out for.

Our goal has always been to make commercial establishments and residential homes clean, by any means necessary. Health and safety are important, now more than ever. If we are not your cleaning company, we want to ensure that whatever method your place is being cleaned, whether by yourself or with a different cleaning company, that all areas are looked at and cleaned as best as possible.

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