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Hand Sanitize Your Car?

What are the dirtiest parts of your home or workplace? A quick google search will tell you this (based off the National Sanitation Foundation):

  • the kitchen is the dirtiest room

  • the bathroom is in fact not the dirtiest, but a close 2nd

  • in a workplace: the keyboard and cell phone were on the top of the list

As a disclaimer for the information, this study was done back in 2011 and it was testing for two different things: Coliform (a family of bacteria that includes Salmonella and E. coli) and yeast/mold.

Their overall findings were that of the 30 homes tested, Coliforms were found in 81% of the households and yeast/mold were in 31% of the households. This is why you wash your hands and disinfect frequently. I'll provide the link at the bottom of this post, but I think the overall goal was to show that we always focus on disinfecting our homes and workplaces, but what about our cars?

If you're like me, every time you get in the car, you sanitize your hands. There are so many things we come in contact with, either in the grocery store, on the pin pad when making a credit card transaction, or simply when you make a transaction with an associate at a drive thru restaurant. Then with the little hand sanitizer left of your hands, you grab the steering wheel and try to sanitize that as well. Ok, I might be a little overboard here, but I think there are more people who identify with this than not. I don't even want to go into the other post I wrote about with the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting. If your home can be a manifestation of unwanted germs, can you even image how much all these public touchings contain and the first thing you touch when out is not your home but your car?

My point here is that disinfecting your car should be just as important as disinfecting your homes. Make sure that your disinfectants are approved by the EPA (link found on the post just before this). From your workplace to your home, and the vehicle you use to get to both, we want you to be safe and clean. If you do disinfect your car, focus on these areas:

  • steering wheel

  • cup holders

  • seat belts

  • inside door handles

  • buttons

If you want your car professionally disinfected, this is something that we do and we use the electrostatic sprayer to ensure that the disinfectants are hitting all areas.

Link to household study:

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