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How to choose a cleaning service from a company learning how to position itself.

If you're here reading this, then there are three possible reasons:

1: You're a friend or family member looking at our new site and blog.

2: You're interested in our services and are wanting to understand more about us.

3: You're bored.

No matter what option you fall under, we are glad you are here:). This will hopefully be beneficial if you are trying to find the right cleaning service for you. Our former company we all worked for used to say that, "sometimes we are not always the right option" and I fully agree with this statement. At the end of the day, you need to go with the best option for you based off your needs. With that in mind, pay attention to these factors when looking for a service.

Paying for time or services. Some companies charge by service and others by the hour. By service, what I mean is general cleaning with optional additions such as inside the refrigerator or cabinets, moving in or out, or laundry services. These companies will provide an estimate based off total time to clean and any additional services. Other companies that go off time, do not have those additional charges, but if you include additions it will make the total time longer.

Your supplies or the company's supplies. While most companies will use their own equipment, some smaller companies will provide the choice. I added this to the list because not every cleaner uses adequate cleaning materials, especially with the recent shortage of supplies. Is your goal disinfecting with cleaning? If so, what disinfectants are they using? Are they wiping down areas or scrubbing with intent. Example, ask if they handle calcium build up in your showers and what are they using to remove it.

One time service or recurring. Most companies will offer the choice to pay for a one time service or discount if done on a recurring basis. Few only offer recurring services and require to be paid upfront. Before stepping into a recurring service, it would be a good idea to see what the refund would be if they first service isn't as expected.

From getting an estimate to the job done. The key things to look for here is how easy and fast it is to book the service. By the time you go to look for a cleaning service, you are most likely in a state to want the job done as soon as possible. After the estimate, how small is the window for them to arrive and clean. Most if not all will require about 1-2 hours for small apartments and 2-3 for houses, so the thing to look for is if they show up on time.

For businesses. Cleaning chemicals and experience are essential here. You want the cleaner to understand what to clean and make sure they are equipped to do the job right. Make they follow the three levels of cleaning: ground level, general eyesight, and above the head. Next time you go into a building, say a coffee shop, look up at the rafters and lights. Do you see dust? If so, they are missing a key area. High dusting should be just as important as keeping the ground clean.

At the end of the day, there are many companies that will do the job well. We advise that you do your research, contact multiple companies and ask why you should choose them. While GonSan Services would love to serve you, we want to make sure that we best fit what you need.

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