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Why Choose Us?

For this post, I wanted to

change it up a bit and inform you on what we are all about. Yes, you can look over our site and read the about us section, but those are just snippets. They are a few lines that give a very brief description but don't paint a whole story.

Our background is rooted in and established in the luxury health club, Equinox. Both Max and myself started out as Maintenance Associates many years ago at the Irvine location. From there, we really learned and became grounded in luxury detailing and cleaning. For Equinox, they don't just care about what you can see, they care just as much on what you don't see. This is known as high and low dusting, preventative maintenance, using high quality solutions, and many more small points that make them stand so far ahead of their competitors.

Having performed well, we (at different times and then locations) were promoted to Maintenance Managers on Duty and then to the official Maintenance Managers. Some of our responsibilities then, were to take the buildings we overlooked and make sure that they met those high standards mentioned above. It was our job to identify areas of opportunity, areas where issues could occur in the future, and come up with a plan to correct. Once a month, we would have the General Manager and Regional Maintenance Manager examine the building, run their fingers across different areas for dust, open up equipment to see their quality status, and many more checks to ultimately provide us a score on how well we did.

We thrive in fast paced, high expectation, and high result environments. This company, GonSan Services, has been my dream for many years now. Due to the closure of California, a door opened up for Max and I to move forward with this dream. Using our background and knowledge, we want to change what cleaning companies do. To us, a cleaning company is more than a company that comes in and simply cleans. We want to provide strategies for companies to excel in all aspects of cleaning, we want to be able to walk the building before and after with the tenants to make sure we tackle exactly what they want, and we want a company that we can call our own.

Our promise then is to deliver an exceptional cleaning service every time. Every business we take on, we handle as if it was our first and only business we have. It is our job to earn your business on every clean, to detail to perfection, and to even help maintain the business when we are not there. That is why if you choose to, we will provide a daily walk through checklist, tailored to your building, so that you gain a better understanding for your building. Then when we come to clean, you know exactly what you are looking for and we both benefit.

I hope that if you are reading this, you give us the chance to walk your business and see if we are a good match for you. It is a free consultation that could result in elevating and creating long term benefits for your staff and customers. Have a great day, stay safe, and I hope to hear from you!

In good health,

Jesus Sandoval | General Manager

(c) 714-654-7018

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