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Residential Cleaning Company



Your Home Is Special, We Will Make Sure It's Luxurious

We provide professional cleaning services to homes located in Southern California. Using the latest in cleaning technology, medical grade chemicals, and our long background in the industry, your home is safe in our hands.

Home Cleaning Company - Shower Disinfect

What To Expect

Thinking of booking a service? Here is what to expect:

  1. You submit a form, send an email, or give us a call.

  2. We will contact you, discuss what you want cleaned, and provide a rough estimate.

  3. On the service day, we will walk your home with you (optional), identify specific needs, provide an estimate for how long it will take.

  4. If everything works with you, we will begin to clean.

  5. Our charges are based off of time cleaned, not packages. We have our base checklist and modify it to what you want.

  6. After cleaning, we would love to re-walk your home to ensure that everything meets your expectations.

48 Point Cleaning Checklist

Quality and consistency are foundations to our standard service of excellence. We use our 48-point check list, with the option of adding in more points depending on your additional needs. Not only does it create consistency, but it allows us to clean with a purpose and save you time and money. 

Home Cleaning Checklist

Our Additional Services

Power Washing

Floor Buffing



Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Window Cleaning

The people cleaning floor with machine..
 Floor Buffing 

 Grime and debris build up 

 over time and require more 

 specialized equipment to 

 remove. The more you buff, 

 the longer your floor will 

 look new. 

Low Section Of A Person Cleaning The Car
 Carpet & Upholstery 

 Dirty Carpets and 

 upholstery stand out. 

 Removing stains results in 

 brighter, cleaner 


Window Cleaning
 Window Washing 

 Glass is delicate, easily  

 detected when dirty, and 

 hard to keep clean. Window 

 cleaning is essential to a 

 clean home or workplace. It 

 is the cherry on top to your 


Close up Outdoor floor cleaning with hig
 Power Washing 

 There are many things that 

 can't come out with a 

 mop or hose. Wood patios 

 or equipment, cement 

 flooring, and many more 

 areas are waiting to be 

 deep cleaned. 

Electrostatic Sprayer.jpeg

 The latest in cleaning 

 technology. Using 

 charged particles, the 

 disinfectant actively 

 clings to surfaces for 

 total coverage. 

Our Cleaning Chemicals

We use the top grade chemicals to clean your home. From Green Certified Cleaners to EPA and FDA approved disinfectants, we make sure that your home is left cleaner and safer against bacteria and other unwanted germs. Our main disinfectant used is certified safe for food contact surfaces and a safer alternative to bleach.

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